TM Data Injection and RF Transmission

  1. Bullet Telemetry Test Tapes (‘Range Tapes’) Typically Provide only a Portion of the

     Data Necessary to Fully Exercise System Functionality and Operator Procedures

  1. Bullet By Injecting Nominal and Off-nominal Data

    into the Range Tape, a Set of Pre-Mission

    Test Tapes Can be Generated for:

  1. Bullet Raw TM Data is Frame Aligned and Values

    are ‘Reverse-Decommed’ Into the Frames;

    Data is then Re-encoded, Encrypted (if

    Necessary), and Recorded as a New Test


  1. Bullet Range Playback

  2. Bullet RF Transmitter Playback

TM Ground Station Design/Integration/TestTM_Ground_Station.html
TM Data Injection and 
RF Transmission
RF Telemetry Playbacks for Pre-Mission TestRF_Telemetry_Playbacks.html