Software Engineering

  1. Bullet LOGOS has a strong core of software engineers that have developed applications for:

  1. Bullet Example Software tools developed / maintained for MDA

  1. Bullet Real-Time Data Acquisition

  2. Bullet Real-Time Processing and Display

  3. Bullet Flight Test Training Applications

  4. Bullet Firmware/ Embedded Software

  5. Bullet TM Data Injection Tools

  1. Bullet The Real-Time Telemetry Processor (RTP) used by our on-site operators to

    further process the incoming telemetry

  1. Bullet Bit error removal through wild point filtering and data propagation, validating

   state vector quality, dynamic trajectory correction, formatting end-user

   defined data packets, etc.

  1. Bullet The Data Analysis and Test Execution Suite

    (DATES) used to display critical telemetry

    parameters for launch teams, senior leadership,

    and mission analysts

  1. Bullet The tool is easily configurable to meet the

   needs of each end user

  1. Bullet It is capable of time aligning data between

   objects from multiple TM streams,

   calculating comparison data of interest and

   then propagating certain parameters forward

   in time for determining engage-able target


  1. Bullet It logs the data in real-time to facilitate quick

   turnaround on post-mission analysis