1. Bullet Displays are driven with multi-site, multi-object

    TM and TSPI data

  1. Bullet Data are time correlated across multiple object

    tracks for accurate calculation of scene dynamics

    (closing velocities, separation velocities, bore

    sight views, aim point propagations, etc.)

  1. Bullet DATES displays can be operated by a local

    console operator or remotely in the “master

    slave” mode

  1. Bullet DATES also provides real-time data logging for

    more efficient post mission quick-look analysis

  1. Bullet Parametric Telemetry Displays for Leadership and Mission Operators

  1. Bullet Three-Dimensional Mission Visualization - 6DoF and Staging Events

  1. Bullet Interceptor Seeker Video

Real-Time Multi-Range Situational Awareness

Real-Time Processing of Target and Interceptor Telemetry for Mission ExecutionReal-Time_Processing.html
Digital Link Recording and Real-Time Telemetry Data ReductionDigital_Link_Recording.html
Real-Time Multi Range Situational Awareness